Daily Archives April 15, 2007

Roll Over Newman, McCartney is Coming to Town


Or at least, coming to salad dressing and suits. Paul McCartney has decided that it is time to merchandize, and in the name of branding has decided to apply to trademark his name. This way we can buy Paul McCartneyTM underwear and umbrellas, and drink Paul McCartneyTM soda in trademarked glasses. Who knows where this could go. I imagine a musical theme park McCartneyLand, where children ride in little flying guitars over strawberry fields. Then they flock to the hog dog stand for a McCartney Dog (entirely soy-based) and then it’s off to Abbey Road. You get the picture.

Honestly, celebrity branding has been around for decades, and if Paul wants to go ahead and try it, be my guest. But I really can’t see me rushing out to buy his salad dressing...

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